WEY&FLY Leg Elevation Pillow Inflatable Leg Rest Pillow - Elevating Leg to Reduce Swelling, Back Pain, Leg Pain, Hip and Knee Pain, Improves Circulation, Ideal for Sleeping,Reading,Relax

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Product Description

WEY&FLY inflatable leg pillows provide comfortable leg support height and angle for easy and comfortable lifting of the legs. The wedge-shaped pillow on the leg is tilted 45° to provide comfortable support for the entire leg. The pillow is wide enough to hold your feet. High-density flocked PVC support, sturdy and durable, easy to clean, with better pressure resistance and non-slip texture design, raised leg support wedge pillow to relieve discomfort and pressure on the knees, buttocks and back. Elevated pillows also promote blood circulation, It is also often used for post-operative rehabilitation,relieve swelling and soreness in the feet, and provide greater comfort.

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Clean the mouth of the plug before inflating, and cover the two layers of mouth tightly, otherwise it will leak.

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