Threadmill Home Linen 600 Thread Count 100% Cotton Pillow Cases Solid Sateen Set of 2 Cotton Pillowcases King Size, Luxury Soft and Smooth, White

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Threadmill Home Linen 600 thread count 100% ELS Cotton Solid Sateen King Pillowcase Set is lustrous and luxuriously soft. This fabric features a silky smooth with a lovely feel to the touch. Set includes 2 pillowcases 20"x40". Genuine 100% cotton single ply with no misleading description. Sustainable product without compromising on the comfort and style. To endure, we as a society must transform our markets – how we produce and consume, and the very ways in which we define and measure value and progress. It is critical for businesses to be commercially viable while respecting the environment and its limits. Businesses need to innovate and transform to stay committed to Sustainability. We at Threadmill home linen have invested heavily on the renewable energy. All our products are made at our vertically integrated state of the art factory which is powered entirely by Solar and Wind energy. We make a conscious effort to limit or not use plastics for packaging. Sheet sets are packed in a re-useable tote bag made from 100% cotton Using wind energy and solar energy for our manufacturing processes helps reduce our carbon foot print. We bring out the most refined products with high quality standards.