Set of 2 - Premium Down Pillow for Sleeping from Ssup Claen | Luxury Adjustable Loft Pillow - Hypoallergenic Pillow for Side and Back Sleeper (Queen)

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Size: Queen

    Repeatedly, over and over again, we let more than 2,500 volunteers and more than 30,000 sleep experiences. We constantly modify the proportion of fabrics and fillers to make 99% of volunteers comfortable and shocked - We are always pursuing!

Pillow Name: SSUP CLEANER Premium Down Pillow
Pillow Material: Polyester-fibers
Pillow Weight: Queen 3lb/Pcs King 4.5lb/Pcs
Pillow Size: Queen 20*30in / King 20*36in
Pillow Quantity:2 Pack

Package Included:
    Two sleeping pillow babies come to your side after thousands of miles. After opening the package, the seal can be released. Compression and transportation will not affect the use of the pillow!

How to use the product:
    When you receive the package, please check whether the package is damaged. If there is any packaging problem, please contact the logistics company to return it in time. Use a knife to open the outer packing box and take out the non-woven bag. Find the non-woven bran chain, open the bag, cut the packed compressed plastic bag with a knife or scissors, the pillow will quickly breathe fresh air, slowly expand and become soft. This requires a process, typically fifteen seconds. Put the pillow on the bed and slowly wake her up with your hands. This is the beginning of her life, to accompany you every night to serve you, this is our mission given to her!

Warm Prompt:
1.Keep pillows away from colored fuels, drinks, ink or greasy foods to avoid staining the surface fabric.
2.The new pillow will have some cotton taste, including the surface fabric will have some errors with the picture display effect, please cooperate and listen to her carefully!
3.Please try to avoid sharp, sharp objects from touching the pillow to avoid causing irreversible harm. Please love her!