Sealy Charcoal SealyChill Gel Memory Foam Standard Size Bed Pillow, White

Regular price $160.00

Premium memory foam bed pillow with activated charcoal-infused gel layer helps promote fresh + cool comfort. Charcoal is known to contain purifying properties which naturally absorb poisons, toxins and more. It’s also known to eliminate odors and impurities, helping to keep your pillow fresher, longer. The conforming memory foam adapts to your unique shape for personalized comfort and is topped with the charcoal-activated cooling gel layer for instant cooling relief. The included stretch-knit cover amplifies the cooling experience, built soft and breathable, and with moisture-wicking properties to help keep you dry and cool. The cover’s fabric paired with charcoal’s known odor-absorption benefits help to keep germs and odors away, allowing you to sleep refreshed – so you can wake up refreshed.