Royal Hotel Soft Down Pillow - 500 Thread Count Cotton Shell, Down Pillow Soft, Standard/Queen Size, Soft, Set of 2

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Size: Standard/Queen (Set of 2 Pillows)

Package contains 2 Luxury Soft Down Pillows with Luxurious covering of the finest 500 thread count. Each Pillow is factory sealed in a beautiful zippered package. This luxurious down pillow will make your bedding far more luxurious and comfortable. An incredible luxury and comfort, filled with a hand plucked Down. A purified white Down even sensitive sleepers can enjoy with the most Luxurious 100% cotton cover in the industry and a look and feel of elegance. 27 ounces fill, 75% down Ratio,25% small feather. These pillows are over filled with large clusters of bacteria free white Down filling for maximum comfort and pleasant dreams. These pillows are Soft pillows when compared to other down pillows. Pillows can be fluffed in dryer for a faster fluffing process.