QIQIHOME Slim Sleeper - Natural Latex Foam Pillow , Extra Thin, Ventilated, Low Profile, 23 X 15 X 2.7inch

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Size: Slim Size Medium Firm: 23 x 15 x 2.7 inch  |  Color: Rose White

Are you tired of trying pillows that are either too thick,too high, too firm, or even too soft, Are you suffering from shoulder pain and neck pain because you have slept on a high pillow?you'll be happy you finally found this truly low profile natural latex pillow..This low pillow will naturally stretch the neck muscles, support the head and neck, maintain the physiological curve, and the shoulder and neck are better relax, so as to achieve a long comfortable sleep. The Slim Sleeper natural latex foam pillow is an actual low profile pillow that stomach sleepers (and many back and side sleepers) will love. The most comfortable material (100% natural latex) was used with a pin-hole design to improve breath-ability and coolness while you sleep. The pillow is a medium firmness: not too hard, not too flimsy. But be warned, once this slim pillow put its sleeper hold on you, you could go limp as you sleep the hours away. Your order today comes with the pillow and an outer cotton cover with zipper. The standard size pillow will fit perfectly in any standard size pillow case. This pillow is 16 inches wide x 24 inches long x 2.75 inches thick. The medium firmness will ensure that you get the low profile pillow that you want, while not allowing your head to sink completely into the mattress below. The pillow is soft and supportive. If you are ready to start comfortably sleeping on a pillow that will last for many years to come, go ahead and order now! As always, the standard Amazon return policy applies should you have any issues. Happy sleeping