Nisaki Sateen Cotton-Pillow-Cases-Standard Ivory, 100% Long Staple Cotton Pillow Cases Covers, Soft Sateen Weave Queen Pillow Cases Set of 2 with Stylish 4inch Hem (100% Cotton Pillow Covers)

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Product Description

Just as how the ethereal beauty of the cherry blossom lingers on one’s mind, the beauty of a Nisaki Homes creation stays. It is not just bed linen but an experience that transcends onto something special. With almost 1/3rd of our lives being spent sleeping, your bedroom plays a huge role in our lives. Keeping this in mind, we handcraft products to give it simple luxury and amazing comfort. Nisaki Homes is the choice if you want to upgrade to cotton bed linen.

  • Sheer Comfort – Each piece is made from pure cotton single ply yarn. Cotton has a natural softness that caresses the skin. The 100% Long staple cotton of Indian origin makes our creations your perfect buddy for snuggling into. Our diverse products let you relish the suppleness of hand woven pure cotton bed linen.
  • Better than Artificial Fabrics and Blends – The natural goodness of Long staple cotton makes it a preferred choice for bed linen. Unlike microfibre and cotton blends, pure cotton comes with high absorbency, better durability and amazing comfort that keep you cosy all year round. Being breathable it doesn’t weigh your body down and keeps you feeling cool and relaxed. Unlike its artificial and blended counterparts, the cotton fabric does not stick to the skin and gets better with use.
  • Minimum Cost – Nisaki Homes is created to bring great cotton bed linens at a cost that won’t burn a hole in the pocket. Since we provide factory direct products, the absence of any middle men lowers the costs. What you get is bed linen showcasing product quality made by using cutting-edge technology, responsibly sourced raw material, superlative comfort at minimum cost. Nisaki Homes’ reasonable cost and best quality is ideal for shifting over to cotton bed linen.for good.
  • Technical Innovations – Constant innovation helps us enhance the natural quality of cotton while retaining its characteristic softness. Our Innovative Production Technique in weaving makes the bed linen super soft, subtle and long lasting. The Special Single Dent Sateen Weaving gives a greater surface with its 4-over-and-1-under weaving pattern, lending a soft feel without the shine.
  • Appeals to the Senses – Attractive aesthetics, subtle opulence, minimalist elegance and functional design are the hallmarks of our bed linen. Crafted to appeal to the senses, our creations with their 100% cotton Sateen weave, are an essential as they change a bedroom into your safe heaven; enticing you to drift away into peaceful sleep.
  • High Standards – We have a slew of in-house tests along with globally acclaimed accreditations. The 100 Standard OEKO-TEX testifies that all our processes meet high quality and safety parameters. Being a BSCI member, we promote better workplace conditions. The Cotton Logo stands for only natural material being used in all our products.

Go ahead and choose from our exhaustive collection. From ethereal pastels to peppy shades, we’ve got them all.

Why Cotton Is Better Than Cotton Blend And Microfiber

cotton features

Cotton has the following features making it better than cotton blend and microfibre -

  • Super absorbent
  • Smooth texture
  • Superior comfort
  • Natural sweat-wicking feature
  • Non-static on skin
  • Breathable
  • Cool
  • Promotes airflow
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Gets softer with prolonged use
  • 100% biodegradable natural yarn
  • Durable

Safe & Skin

Cotton doesn’t irritate your skin, making it ideal for all skin types (sensitive skin too). Our product process is BSCI compliant with each Nisaki Homes creations and approve at our in-house laboratory. Each product is Checked by OEKO-TEX for harmful substances making it safe to skin.

Benefit to Nature and Socially Responsible

We employ processes that are not harsh on the environment. Our Zero Water Discharge Plants effectively diminish water pollution by cleaning waste water and producing clean water suitable for reuse. To attain our goal to offset the carbon footprint by 2025 through afforestation, over 1000 tree saplings are planted every year in the rural areas. We work towards bettering society. We sponsor education for 500 underprivileged students. Our projects provide better sanitation and hygiene, clean water, medical aid to mothers and children. We boost the local economy by recruiting local talent.