Marcapiuma - Memory Pillow - Cervical - 100% Cotton Protector Cover Orthopaedic Memory Pillow for Neck Pain and Cervical Pain Breathable Holes - Made in Italy

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Size: 1x Cervical

Memory Foam Pillow - Cervical model
Width: 16,5” - 42 cm
Length: 28” - 72 cm
Height: 4,7” - 12 cm
Firmness: 4/10 (Soft)

Wave Shaped Pillow made of HIGH Density Memory Foam, a viscoelastic polyurethane foam that slowly returns to its original shape, temperature-sensitive and self-molding. Pillow with special micro holes which improve breathability. Perfect to reduce neck and cervical pain and to maintain a correct position while sleeping, thanks to its molding effect that provides an unique comfort.

Viscoelastic Memory Foam
Without CFCs
No glue

100% COTTON Removable stretch Jersey Cover with zip, easily washable

100% Made in Italy

The product is packed in its original envelope, rolled-up to ensure an intact, hygienic and easy transport

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Memory Foam Benefits:
It improves blood circulation (thanks to the reduction of pressure points)
Healthier and rejuvenating sleep
Proper support to the spine
Natural sleeping position
Stress and muscles tension reduction