EARTH MIRACLE Memory Foam Pillow (Latex Pillow, Standard)

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Product Description

latex pillow

Natural latex pillows can adjust and correct your sleeping posture and fully relax your brain, joints and muscles, greatly improving the quality of your sleep.

Why do I feel uncomfortable using latex pillows for the first time?

This is because latex pillows "correct" your cervical spine, because you often use a regular pillow or bow your head for a long time, you have cervical problems. When you start using a latex pillow, it will restore your neck to its normal state during sleep and slowly repair your cervical spine. The discomfort is only temporary and will go away after a while. You will find that your stiff neck, cold neck and other symptoms disappear after a long period of use.

How to Use:

1 - Open the package, then pat around the latex pillow evenly and the pillow will return to its normal size;

2 - Put the pillow core in a dry and ventilated place for 2-3 days. Latex pillow have a little natural rubber smell, but it's harmless to human body, the smell will fade away in the air;

3 - Wash your bamboo pillowcase with cold water and air dry it before first use.

Is this pillow washable and what if it hardens during use?

This latex pillow can be washed, but it can't be exposed to the sun after washing. Ultraviolet rays can cause the pillow to oxidize and harden in the sun. To restore softness, soak the pillow in warm water and let it dry a dry and ventilated place.