Aus Vio BM12108 Iris 100% Silk Pillow Case, 2 Piece

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Aus Vio BM12108 Iris 100% Silk Pillow Case, 2 Piece

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Product Description
The Aus Vio 2 Piece Pillowcases (King/Cal King, Iris) are made from the finest silk charmeuse available and is the most comfortable and healthy option for your hair. Pillowcases are the one thing that come in contact with your hair the most, and Aus Vio recognizes the importance of a silk’s quality to the health of one’s hair. The high quality charmeuse silk that is used in Aus Vio pillowcases contain a naturally occurring protein and 18 amino acids that help rejuvenate your hair while you sleep. Also, the smooth nature of charmeuse silk allows hair to gently glide over the surface of the pillowcase, reducing unnecessary damage from constant rubbing and friction. Features an envelope closure so the pillow stays in place. The high quality Aus Vio charmeuse silk features hypoallergenic properties as well.