100% Organic Cotton Pillow, Medium Filled (Queen Size) with 100% Organic Cotton Cover Protector, Zippered, Adjustable Loft, Toxic Free, Machine Washable, Head and Neck Comfort Support

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Product Description

Organic Textiles is a Southern California-based company dedicated to natural and organic home and bedding products. We are pioneers in developing superior pillows, bed sheets, comforters, and even more. Our selection of healthy natural products is made to reduce the use of harmful dry cleaning solvents and other toxic chemicals (ex. vinyl, polyester, petroleum based additives, etc.) associated with traditional manufacturing. Besides being all-natural, our production processes are also highly sustainable. Our top-tier items have been GOLS- or GOTS-CERTIFIED, meaning they have undergone the most intensive auditing process in the industry concerning ethical treatment of workers, the environment, and the consumer.

We at OrganicTextiles believe that a healthy conscience is integral to a healthy sleep. Our customers deserve a superior rest knowing their bedding has not contributed to any injustice in the world. Rest easy knowing that the journey of the product from the manufacturer to the bedroom is as pure as the quality of the material.

Organic Inside and Out

cotton pillow

Traditional cotton is machine harvested for a higher volume output, resulting in rougher texture fibers that have been cut short. Organic Cotton is hand-harvested in order to retain its naturally long, silky smooth fibers. The result is material that is tough and supportive yet soft. It is also free of harsh chemical pesticides or fertilizers associated with typical cotton production. Choose a pillow that retains its benefits over time while remaining safe for the sleeper!